Past Projects

Thomson Prison
USDA National Center for Agricultural Research Lab
Parking Garages with Advanced Controls
Parking Lots and Auto Dealerships
Loyola University Madonna Chapel



What We Can Offer

LED Exterior Lighting

Utilizing the most advanced LED exterior lighting fixtures to accent or highlight areas, as well providing superior safety and security.

LED Interior Lighting

LED lighting offers exceptional energy efficient green technology with superior light levels for indoor spaces.

Advanced Lighting Control Systems

Advanced Controls take lighting systems to the next level by incorporating dimming, occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting to maximize energy savings and user productivity.

From Idea To Realization

Enerlight provides lighting upgrade services for private and public organizations including lighting assessments, project design, development, project management and installation.  We offer customers a turn-key solution to upgrade your current lighting to the latest technologies, including LED and Advanced Controls.  We will also work with our clients on any portion of the upgrade process if only design, installation, project management or installation is desired.

From idea to successful installation, the first step is scheduling an assessment.  Contact us today to begin the process.

Enerlight works closely with our clients to develop cost reduction measures that are specifically tailored to meet the needs and goals of each company we work with.  Since we are not partnered with any one specific manufacturer, we are able to tailor the solution with the best products that are available for the situation.  We also only offer and install name brand products from reputable manufacturers that have warranties that we know will be available if any issues arise after installation is completed.

Enerlight’s staff finishes their design and puts together a complete savings analysis that highlights the energy and maintenance savings that will be realized if the project is implemented.  We will also detail the incentives that will be available to the client through the numerous ComEd programs that are available.  Once all the costs, savings, and incentives are figured, an accurate payback can be furnished to assist the client in their decision to move forward with the project.

Execution is the critical step when a solution is being implemented.  At this point in the process, our electrical staff steps in and takes control of the solution with management by our onsite electrical supervisor dedicated to the project.  Enerlight’s installation team has been trained through IBEW, OSHA, and NFPA classes and our own internal training curriculum, and will work closely with the client to assure that the installation process is completed in a safe and timely manner.   Each of our technicians take pride in his/her work and will make sure that the project is completed with the highest quality and safety.

Enerlight will make sure that the project is finished and fully functional without any issues and with complete customer satisfaction.  Upon completion of the project installation, the client will receive complete documentation on the products installed, warranty information, and will receive educational training depending on the project complexity.

Our goal from the start of the project until completion and through warranty and beyond is complete customer satisfaction knowing that if we perform, our client list will grow exponentially from referrals and word of mouth.



What Others Say

Archdiocese of Chicago

David L. Strain, Retired Construction Manager

The Archdiocese has been working with Mr. McKenna and his staff putting together extensive site lighting audits and implementing very successful lighting retrofit projects throughout our schools. The consistent result has been considerable electric energy savings and improved lighting levels. It has been a real pleasure to work with him and his team.
TFS Alliance Group

Terry Stoklosa

I've worked with Enerlight, Inc. on multiple projects over the past 16 years and am always impressed with their dedication and work ethic. As a business partner, the Enerlight team works seamlessly with our clients, is extremely reliable, and has an obvious passion for the service and solutions that they represent.
Van Meter Electric

Bob Paull, Account Executive

I have worked very closely with Mr. McKenna and the Enerlight team on many successful energy saving lighting projects. Their approach to the design and installation of the project continuously exceeds their customer’s expectations. I highly recommend their services to any company looking to save money.
Formerly with Honeywell International

Christopher Mack Fisher, PE, CEM, DGCP, REP

Tim McKenna is quite simply the best sub-contractor I have had the pleasure of working with. Tim and his team are responsive, thorough and accurate and deliver on time…every time. Large or small projects, Tim gives both his complete attention. The reliability I’ve come to expect from Tim and his entire Enerlight team put all parties involved with their projects at ease and allow me to worry about other less dependable contractors. Tim is a delightful person to know both professionally and personally and I feel very fortunate to count him as a business partner.
ARAMARK Energy Solutions

Michael J Paparella, Energy Manager

Tim has been a great partner for us. His support and flexibility to work around our school district's schedule reflects his understanding of the task at hand as well as fulfilling the requirements (we) as a customer may impose. Often working in the background, his team has completed several lighting projects in a safe manner, on time, on budget and with great results.